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Wage Garnishment Lawyers serving New Orleans, LA

stop wage garnishment New Orleans

With one of the highest sales tax rates in the nation, Louisiana taxpayers may value their hard earned cash more than others. So, imagine opening your payday envelope and finding a less than pleasing amount written on your check. Wage garnishment is a very powerful tool employed by the IRS and more common than you think. If you live in the New Orleans area and are currently experiencing a wage garnishment or the threat of one, the wage garnishment lawyers at Pure Tax Resolution are here to stop wage garnishment immediately.

The Wage Garnishment Process

The IRS is a very powerful entity and pursues forceful collection efforts, especially if you ignore them. Perhaps the strongest tool they have is the ability to garnish your wages, with or without a judicial ruling. When the IRS decides pursue a wage garnishment against you, they will first send you two notices: a CP-297 (first notice) and a CP-90 (final notice). If you fail to respond to both, they will instruct your employer to withhold most of your paycheck (between 25%-50%) and send the funds to pay down your tax debt.

How to Stop Wage Garnishment

We frequently receive and respond to taxpayers' requests to help them stop wage garnishment and, in most cases, we can stop wage garnishment within 24 hours from the time you reach out and provide us with the necessary information. Working with a New Orleans income wage garnishment lawyer demonstrates to the IRS that you are serious about resolving your back tax problems. The time is now, contact our professional wage garnishment lawyers today if you want to stop wage garnishment immediately! We are available 7 days a week and offer free consultations. (504) 717-4252