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Business Tax Help for New Orleans Business Owners

Business tax help New Orleans

We understand how difficult running a business is and, from our experience, know how common business tax problems are. There are many business tax problems that affect companies of all sizes in all industries. Virtually, no business is safeguarded against business tax problems as mistakes are easy to make. Most business tax problems arise because the owner has never maintained a business before, can’t afford an accountant, or didn’t know a form 941 had to be filed with the IRS.



Many business tax problems tend to fall into three categories:

Payroll Tax Problems – Form 941

Payroll tax problems are generally the most common out of all the business tax problems and perhaps the most serious. These require prompt action as the IRS has little patience when it comes to this type of tax issue. Payroll tax problems typically arise when businesses owners use the payroll tax funds that have been withheld from employee’s paychecks to pay operating expenses. Though, most of the time business owners simply do not know they need to file a form 941. If you have used payroll taxes to pay your operating expenses or have failed to file a form 941 our tax accountants are here for immediate help. If you do not seek assistance and subsequently fail to pay your payroll taxes you will eventually be forced to pay the initial amount plus penalties and interest, which can be detrimental to your business.

Worker Classification – Employee or Independent Contractor

Sometimes the line is blurred on whether those working for you are employees or independent contractors, but it is imperative that you make the correct classification for tax purposes. Because some employers try to avoid their obligation to pay greater taxes by fraudulently classifying their employees as independent contractors, the IRS takes all cases seriously, whether intentional or not. If the IRS suspects that you may have misclassified your workers, and you've received a notice, you should contact a tax resolution specialist.

Overstating Deductions

We all make mistakes. After all, the Internal Revenue Code can be as confusing to experts as well as ordinary taxpayers. Sometimes you may have to guess at the amount to put down for some of the IRS’ deductions. It happens often, so it is important that you do not feel alone. If the IRS has challenged your return or questioned a deduction, our local tax attorneys at New Orleans Pure Tax Resolution can help you to negotiate a successful resolution.

Business Tax Help, Available 24/7 for Our Clients

In addition to assisting with the above, the team at New Orleans Pure Tax Resolution offers business tax help for a wide range of business tax problems, including:

Filing unfiled tax returns

  • Correcting misfiled returns
  • Negotiating tax settlements to bring business tax relief
  • Preparing for upcoming IRS tax audits payroll tax debt
  • Advising you on how to avoid future business tax problems
  • Offering advice on general tax matters related to your business

If you are a New Orleans business owner struggling with business tax problems, know that you have a fellow business owner that understands what it takes to maintain healthy tax status. Speak directly with Tim Halcomb, owner of New Orleans Pure Tax to get the professional business tax help you need. Call today for FREE consultation. (504) 717-4252